Want to get fitter, faster?  Then why not try the NEW Insanity classes.

Insanity classes target the entire body, beginning with an accelerated warmup and moving into three intense blocks of work, each one targeting a different element of fitness.

First is plyometrics and endurance - essentially 'jump training' where muscles exert maximum force in as short a time as possible. Then the class moves on to strength and balance before the final section on agility and co-ordination. You finish with eight minutes of functional core work and a stretch.

Batley Sports and Tennis Centre
Friday evenings at 18.00.

Huddersfield Sports Centre
Friday 9.00-9.50am

Participants must be 16 or older.

Available at:

Batley STC, Dewsbury
Catergories: Fitness, Adults, Class Booking
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