ALPHA swimming lessons for juniors with disabilities

Our Alpha classes run on a Saturday from 16:00-18:00.

We offer 6 different Alpha Swimming Lessons classes depending on ability: The classes are 50 minutes long (40 minutes lesson and 10 minutes free time at the end).

Alpha Ducklings: For Children 0-6 wanting to learn to be confident in the water through play  (this  is an Adult and Child class, an Adult MUST go into the water with the child)

Alpha 1: for Children 6+ wanting to Learn to Swim, but still need the use of buoyancy aids - please note that parents will still need to bring their swim stuff to get in and assist with lessons if enough volunteers dont turn up.

Alpha 2: for Children who want to start learning the strokes, with no aids (this class is in deep water) 

Alpha 3: for Children Developing strokes

Alpha 4: for Children who are preparing to start competing

Alpha 5: for Children who are competing in National competitions

Alpha Ducklings, 1 and 2 are 16:00-16:50 (40 mins Lesson and 10 mins 'Playtime')

Alpha 3, 4 and 5
are 17:00-17:50

For more information or an assessment please contact us.

Lessons cost £21.55 a month via Direct Debit (or £16.20 with a Kirklees Passport)