Stadium Runners

Running with a group can be more fun than running on your own, in addition to providing the support, motivation and training necessary to help you run faster and/or further.

Stadium Runners is a UK Athletics affiliated running club based at the Stadium Health and Fitness Complex. Club nights are Monday and Thursday meeting at 6.30pm. Following a short briefing and warm up, 3 groups (Bronze, Silver and Gold) each catering for differing abilities run on a wide variety of routes in the Huddersfield area.  The groups are lead by a qualified Run Leader who plans the route and ensures nobody gets left behind.  If you can run for 30 minutes either on the treadmill or outside, or have a moderate level of fitness from another endurance based sport you are likely be able to run with the Bronze group.

For more information about Stadium Runners why not have a look at or call Saul (Club Coach) on 07840 892151.