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KAL Fitness
If you are a fitness member this is the page for you. Each week we aim to motivate and inform you, helping you to achieve your fitness goals.
KAL Swim Academy
If you are a KAL Swim Academy member this is the page for you. We follow the very latest swimming news and share the best stories on our page. You will also find fun facts, competitions, offers, advice from the pro's and all the support you need to get the most out of your swimming with KAL.
KAL Leisure Centres
If you are a Flexi Card holder or simply want to keep up to date on what we have going on in our centres, then this is the channel for you.
KAL Leisure Trust
If you are a partner or friend of KAL, or just prefer to keep up to date with more general information from KAL, this is the page for you. For offers, competitions and promotions please follow one or more of the pages above.
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