Published on: Thursday 14th March 2019

Spen Valley Leisure Centre


Essential Information for New and Existing customers

Kirklees Council is delighted to announce, alongside our leisure operator partners KAL, that funds for a new Spen Valley Leisure Centre have now been approved. We hope the information displayed here plus the questions and responses below, will answer some of the many questions you may have.


Where will the new Leisure Centre be built?

After considering several potential sites, the new Spen Valley Leisure Centre will be built on the site of the existing swimming pool.


What facilities will there be in the new Leisure Centre?

The new Spen Valley Leisure Centre will include the following facilities:


  • 8 lane, 25 metre main pool
  • Activity pool 20m x 10m pool with moveable floor
  • Spectator seating in the pool areas
  • Large fitness suite
  • 2 fitness studios with flexibility for other use
  • 1 studio cycling studio
  • Two changing villages which will include family cubicles, baby change, large team changing areas. Plus, various size accessible changing areas.

The architects have designed an innovative and modern centre, which is energy efficient and will accessible to the whole community. 

What is the timeline for the build of the new Leisure Centre?

As with any development of a new facility timings may change, currently, Kirklees Council and KAL are working to the following timeline:

Closure of the current swimming pool building 31st August 2019, this will be followed by an approximate six-month demolition period. Throughout the building phase the existing fitness suite, studios, Pavillion and athletics track will remain open for public use. 

Construction of the new centre is due to begin late Spring 2020.

Autumn 2021 new Spen Valley Leisure Centre due to open


How much will the new Leisure Centre cost?

Approximately £15 million.  Kirklees Council is committing £14,250,000 and KAL is contributing £750,000.


What will be special about this new Leisure Centre?

Spen Valley Leisure Centre has been designed to be a modern, fit for purpose, flexible activity hub. 


The mix of activity spaces has been developed to ensure the centre is accessible for all members of our community who wish to use the centre.  Kirklees Council and KAL have considered current activity usage and customer demand.  We have also thought about the likely activity needs of future customers and how we will be able to adapt the facilities as tastes change. 


The new facility will remain a part of the wider Spenborough facility which will continue to include the separate Pavillion and athletics track.


How accessible will the new Leisure Centre be for different groups of people?

The new Spen Valley Leisure Centre will be designed to meet the needs of the whole community.

The centre will house a designated “Changing Places” facility and the needs of disabled users are being considered, as well as ensuring that the centre is respectful of the cultural needs of our customers. KAL are also a Dementia Friendly organisation and are committed to ensuring that their facilities are welcoming to all members of our community.

There will be a lift from the reception area to the first floor where the studios and gyms will be located, so that the whole centre is fully accessible.


Will the new building be sustainable for future generations and the environment?

Although the current plans do not have any renewable energy sources, the facility will be designed and built with suitable fabrics to be highly energy efficient.  

Alongside this, the building will be heated by a CHP unit (Combined Heat and Power).  This is a renewable technology which converts heat into power.  This will reduce the centre’s electricity consumption from the grid.  The facility will have the capacity to add on some renewable energy sources should they become a viable proposition in the future.


Will the Leisure Centre be flexible to adapt to meet future needs of our changing community?

The space available means that the centre footprint cannot be extended in the future, however the layout of the first floor is such that the spaces are large and can be adapted to meet future needs relatively easily should trends and demands change.


Will spectator seating be available at the new centre? 

Yes, however it will be reduced to approximately 90 seats.


What will happen to the skate park?

The skate park will unfortunately be lost as part of this development; however, alternative skate park facilities are available within Kirklees at Wilton Park in Batley and Knowl Park in Mirfield.  Additionally, skate park facilities can be found at Welhome Park in Brighouse and in Morley.


How many spaces will the new car park have?

As part of the new development, we will be creating a new car park for Spen Valley Leisure Centre customers.

The car park will be free and will include disabled parking bays, electric car recharge bays and cycle storage. 


How do I comment or ask questions on the proposed new plans of the new Spen Valley Leisure Centre?


If you have any further questions, please send them via email to Kirklees Council; 

Existing KAL Customers can find more information here

Comment postcards can also be completed and placed in the secure feedback response box which is located alongside these questions and answers.

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